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Scottish Cairn Terrier

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Cairn Terrier breed information

The  Cairn is a small non shedding, hypoallergenic terrier who is fearless, playful, intelligent and affectionate as well as a surprisingly good guard dog. This robust little terrier is very vigorous and enjoys excellent health and longevity.


This terrier of Scottish origin is a great little family dog  and a wonderful little companion for children and people who love the outdoors and have an active life style.


The Cairn terrier is athletic with a keen intelligence, very playful and  affectionate. His  cheerfulness and kindness make him a perfect family companion.


This particular intelligent breed of dog is usually easy to train provided that the owner is firm and constant. The iron fist in a velvet glove  is the best approach with this breed. The cairn excels in obedience, agility and loves to learn tricks to please us.


The Cairn is a terrier in the purest sense; he is a Hunter. The instinct to hunt prey is innate and occurs at a very young age. Our little female, Moustache,  caught and ate her first mouse at the age of twelve weeks ...   Any property where resides a cairn will soon be rid of all pests, moles, squirrels and mice included. The cairn will not hesitate even against opponents much heftier than he.


This great hunter must be socialized at an early age to ensure harmony when living with cats and other small pets. Some males can sometimes become dominant and possibly aggressive with other males. This last problem is solved by sterilization at a young age. Females are relatively sociable although if there is lack of socialization, they may also become dominant vis-à-vis their peers.


Knowing that the Cairn terrier is an extremely hardy sporting dog, overflowing with energy and hunting instinct, one will understand he is not suited to sedentary and lazy life. A Cairn  must be able to exercise and spend his energy. He is the perfect companion for people who love hiking in the woods, biking, running ... your small cairn will follow you everywhere!


The Cairn Terrier is a breed blessed with robust health, he is a very sturdy little dog who has an excellent life expectancy.


Grooming your Cairn is easy, simply brushing regularly to remove dead hair will keep the coat clean and shiny. The Cairn terrier is a light shedding hypo-allergenic breed,  his hair and is considered a, meaning that his hair does not cause allergies. A clean cairn does not have a doggy smell and he does not loose any hair.




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